Friday Finds: Trader Joe’s Autumn Edition

First of all, I bit my lip 3
 yesterday, because apparently once was not
enough. Not to mention I have a pimple on the
very sensitive part of the edge of my lip! Have mercy! I find it
kind of cruel that I have the wrinkles of a 40-year old AND the
acne of a 14-year old. Sigh… And I think I am catching the kids
cold, which, by the way, kid #3 came down with yesterday. My
husband is the last man standing… I took all manner of vitamins
in hopes it will pass. As I mentioned earlier this week, the kids
had a short week of school and we had fun stuff planned. Now I’ll
be doing that fun stuff with a stuffy nose and a fat lip. TJ.BagsOn a more positive note, I
made a Trader Joe’s trip this week. Trader
Joe’s has all their seasonal goodies out right now and after I read
#4 on this list,
the temptation became to great to resist. 1. I did get that
pumpkin body butter. As a matter of fact, I
got two, I gave one to a friend. TJPBB 2. Well, the name of the
next treat made me laugh. But that’s not the only reason I bought
these pumpkin bars. I think they are great on a trip and we just so
happen to be going on a trip. So when everyone else is eating their
Egg McMuffins, potato chips, and DQ Blizzards, I’ll be content with
my pumpkin bars…AND a DQ Blizzard. TJ.Pumpkinbars 3. If I’m dreaming, don’t
wake me up! I often have a chai latte before
bed and NOW I can have it in pumpkin! I can hardly stand it!TJ.PumpkinLatte 4. I plan on using these
cans of pumpkin in some pumpkin muffins next
week to share on the blog. You will LOVE them! Pinky swear! TJ.Pumpkin5. I could not resist these
pita crisps. I ate some with a salad at lunch.
They were a little sweet, a little salty, and a
crunchy. Perfect with a light lunch or as a
snack.TJ.PitaCrisps 6. I bought one of these
fruit butters for me and one for my mom. The only problem is which
to keep and which to give away! Actually, it’s not too much of a
problem since I’m sure my mom will share. TJ.FruitButterI know you will find it
hard to believe, but there were a few things I didn’t get. I had
these pumpkin croissants in my hand, but put them back in favor of
the almond croissants that I love SO much. BUT…I’m still thinking
about these pumpkin ones. TJ.Pumpkincroissants My husband is not a
pumpkin spice fan (“He’s a weird-y” – Name
that movie). So if I bought this coffee, I’d be the only one
drinking it. I guess I’ll just get my pumpkin spice latte
elsewhere. Besides, I bought the pumpkin chai, so I’m good with
that!TJ.PumpkinSpiceCoffeeI believe I’m set for
autumn now…unless I go back for those
. Have a great weekend! I’ll be heading back
from Universal Studios today
(I told you I had fun things planned while the kids were off).
Q&A for the Day:

  • What seasonal treats do you look forward to?
  • Can you name that movie I mentioned?

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing
there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the

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